NOT PLANET EARTH or How to Denaturalise the Image

This video is a footnote to the film Arctic Archipelago (2021) and reflects upon the many conditions that circumscribe access to and visual engagement with cryospheric environments.

Taking the aesthetic regime of climate change seriously involves ‘a’ recognition that the modes of image production is deeply entangled with the environmental conditions we might seek to document and the histories of image extraction that have long colonised our Western imagination.

DIR. SCHUPPLI, HD FILM, 14:24, 2021     See also ARCTIC ARCHIPELAGO 2021

See also CAN THE SUN LIE? 2015 (Preview trailer below)


︎︎︎ Bergen Kunsthall 2021

︎︎︎ On Not Planet Earth and Other Weather Conditions / Essay by Sara R Yazadani
︎︎︎ BBC Frozen Planet