This project emerges out of a British Council COP26 Creative Commission with Dr. Farooq Azam and Faiza Ahmad Khan in India. 

Through a number of site-based activities the project sets out to record the material transformations of Himalayan glaciers; changes that are impacting directly upon mountain communities through flood events, rainfall patterns, and temperature rise but also climate systems globally.

Its broad aim is to combine scientific and artistic approaches to climate change by developing acoustic and aural methodologies in cryospheric research. Through the deployment of various situated “listening” practices, the project brings scientific research, local experiences, and inter-generational knowledge of glaciers together. 
DRANG DRUNG GLACIER, INDIA   (trailer for film project)               


︎︎︎ Do Glaciers Listen? / Book by Julie Cruikshank
︎︎︎ Caring for Glaciers / Book by Karine Gagné
︎︎︎The End of Ice: Exploring a Himalayan Glacier / Article by Dexter Filkins
︎︎︎ Artificial Glaciers of Ladakh