Shot during the circumnavigation of Spitsbergen in the Svalbard Arctic Archipelago in August 2020 as part of inquiry into sea ice and the geopolitics of the Circumpolar North. While the most visible proof that something is happening may be an ice shelf calving these environments are saturated with politics: colonial, extractivsist, military, logistical.

What can be seen, sensed and known about these spaces beyond the melancholic register of melting ice? The project responds by exploring the transmissional agencies of ice in an attempt to tune into some of these latent and/or invisible events.

DIR. SCHUPPLI, HD FILM,  26:20, 2021 Preview trailer        
Original musical score by Mohamad Safa          

Commissioned by Bergen Kunsthall


︎︎︎ Bergen Kunsthall 2021

︎︎︎ Research Reflections & Responses: A video conversation between artist-researcher Susan Schuppli and ice sheet modeller and scientist Heiko Goelzer
︎︎︎ Ny-Alesund Research Station

︎︎︎ UK Arctic Research Station BAS
︎︎︎ Losing Ice in Svalbard / NASA
︎︎︎ List of Svalbard Glaciers